Remote survey technology – BalticStream
Remote survey technology – BalticStream

Introducing new possibilities for remote surveying and consulting

BalticStream is a flexible hard- and software solution for streaming live videos from remote places to anywhere in the world. It was developed by Baltic Diver Germany in cooperation with a Norwegian partner.

On-site almost any kind of live video input can be fed into BalticStream. The data is transferred via mobile telephone or satellite networks and streamed to an online video platform, which can be accessed from usual desktop PCs. In addition, the equipment enables a live communication between the workers on-site and the online participants. The on-site hardware is designed to be robust and lightweight and can be operated by any technician after a short introduction. The online platform is easy to access and to handle. This technology can be used in various scenarios.

Examples of application:

  • Online support and monitoring of surveys of any kind, e.g. ROV surveys of an offshore wind turbine, drone flights above construction sites, diving inspections of wracked vessels etc.
  • In-water survey of vessels via diver or ROV: The class-surveyor does not need to be present on-site. He can access the survey from the office and directly talk to the operator and diver on-site.
  • Remote assistance: If a technician faces an unexpected challenge on-site, he might need support from a remote colleague or expert. No matter whether he is a mechanic in a wind turbine nacelle or a diver facing an UXO. Via BalticStream, the expert team can follow the task on-site on screen and provide the necessary remote support. Valuable time and travel costs are saved.
  • Many other client-specific scenarios are possible. The hard- and software can be adapted in-house for special requirements.
Offshore suitable hardware equipment for BalticStream
Offshore suitable hardware equipment for BalticStream

Technical Data

Description end-to-end live streaming and conferencing solution for any video source through a dedicated web platform
Communication end-to-end, two-way, live audio communication for multiple participants
Developer Baltic Diver Germany, Subsea X
Year of development 2020
Possible video inputs HDMI, BNC analog and digital, convertable to DVI, s-video, VGA, composite etc.
Possible audio inputs 2 x RCA/chinch stereo, 3.5 phone connector stereo, sampled with 44.1 kHz
BalticStream equipment on-site streaming box (20 kg), antenna, cables (video, audio, antenna), headset
Antenna 2 x MIMO antenna with 2 x 8dBi+ each
Electric supply 220 V 50 Hz, 30 W power intake, battery for 1-2 hours
Operator requires short introduction, can be part of working team
Possible networks mobile telephone networks (GSM, LTE), satellite, WLAN
Required data rate min 0.5Mbps (for vbideo streaming), ideal: 2 MBPS
GSM Provider Vodafone 2 x LTE
SAT Provider vsat 8/2 MBit
Video 1 to few with <1 s delay, 1 to any number of viewer with ~ 3 s delay
Audio Voice loop with any number of participants
User access to live streams temporary link for external temporary users
Requirements for online participants internet with … mbit/s, browser, microphone
Record live recording, archiving and playback
Special features shared whiteboard e.g. for technical drawing annotation
Server video streaming and conferencing server hosted on Azure cloud
Router gigabit router, with DualSim and WLAN
Powerbox i7, NVMe, mobile system with UPS
CaptureCard analog or digital input video (legacy <1 s), resolution 2048 ×2048 px
All components industrial standard (wide temperature tolerance, EMC)

Online plattform

Example for online user interface
Example for online user interface