General Description

1600 mm Deck Decompression Chamber is installed in an isolated 20 foot container and was manufactured by HYTECH according to IMCA D023. The DDC consists of two compartments, a main lock and entry lock. The main lock can be used for 2 patients laying down on a stretchers, or 3 patients in sitting position. In emergency situations, the entrance lock can also be used as a treatment chamber.

A chamber communication system provides two way communication between either, the main lock, or entry lock and the life support technician.
Classification Society Lloyd’s Register
Certificate no ROT 0806890
Design Standard IMCA D023
Planned Maintenance System IMCA D018

Technical Data

Size 20 ft. ISO Certified container
Isolation Fire retardant isolation with thermal protection
Design Separate chamber control inside for chamber operator
Weight 3000 kg
Length over all 3500 mm
Diameter 1600 mm
Type Twin lock
Weight 3000 kg
Length of entrance lock 1100 mm
Length of main chamber 2400 mm
Length of medical lock 320 mm
Diameter of medical lock 230 mm
Door diameter 700 mm
Viewports diameter 150 mm
Heating system Tube heat system
Working pressure 5,0 bar (6 bar absolute)
Air Connection for external LP/HP air supply on penetrator plate
Oxygen Connection for external O2 supply on penetrator plate
2 x BIBS in each lock